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LG TVs join the Spotify ramp-up, but only premium users can apply

The app gives users access to over 20 million songs and works on all 2013 LG Smart TVs.


All 2013-model LG Smart TVs are getting Spotify, the music company announced Monday.

Spotify's app is available to premium users only. However, after downloading the streaming app to the television, new users can try out Spotify Premium for 30 days. After that time is up, customers who want to continue to accessing tracks through their televisions will need to pay $10 per month.

Spotify has been awfully active lately. Just last week, in fact, the company announced plans to make its mobile apps free -- an important move that could see it pick up more users on the mobile side.

On the TV front, LG is a little behind the times. Samsung, arguably its chief competitor, already offers a Spotify app.