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LG to release the Chocolate 3 on July 14

Verizon to release the LG Chocolate 3 on July 14

LG Chocolate 3
LG Chocolate 3 LG

PhoneArena has reported that LG and Verizon will introduce the third version of the coveted candy-name music phone, dubbed the LG Chocolate 3, on July 14. The VX8560 model will be the first ever Chocolate clamshell, available in both black and light blue (Though we bet there will be additional colors in the future). Some of the expected features include a microSD card slot, a 1GB of internal memory (which sounds quite impressive), a 3.5mm headset jack, a 2-megapixel camera, stereo speakers, stereo Bluetooth, and an integrated FM transmitter. The full retail price is expected to be $299, though you can get it for $129 after a $50 rebate and a two-year service agreement ($199 after a $50 rebate and a 1-year agreement).

LG Chocolate 3