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LG to preview OLED TV tomorrow

Although the company plans to show off its 55EM9600 model at the Monaco Grand Prix, it says a release in the next few months is "unlikely."


LG plans to preview its 55-inch OLED TV tomorrow at an event in Monaco, as part of the Grand Prix auto race. Our colleagues at CNET Asia will be attending the event, so look forward to some hands-on action with the new flat-screen shortly.

Local pricing has still not been announced, and there is plenty of speculation on when the organic light-emitting diode television could actually hit the market.

John Taylor, vice president of public affairs and communications at LG USA, said a release in the next month is "unlikely." He indicated that "this is a second half [of the year] product."

Early rumors said the TV would be unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival, currently under way in France. Then in April, a Korean business newspaper claimed that the LG OLED TV, model 55EM9600, would be released on the market before the London Olympics in July for 9 million won ($8,000).

A few weeks ago, Italian site DDay published a photo of what it claimed was a retail box for the European version, the 55EM960V.

Rival Samsung recently announced that its "Super OLED TV", the 55ES9500, would be available for $9,000, when it is released in Korea in the second half of 2012.

The LG 55EM9600, which picked up CNET's Best of CES recognition in January, is in head-to-head competition with Samsung's Super OLED 55-inch TV.


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