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LG to offer more consistent mobile user interface

The handset maker will bring its flagship G3 UX to a wide range of smartphones and tablets later this year.

LG will bring features such as Smart Keyboard to more devices. Screenshot by Scott Webster/CNET

LG this week confirmed that its upcoming smartphones and tablets will feature a more "consistent and uniform" user interface.

First introduced this summer with the flagship G3 , the "UX" features will be included in devices launched in the second half of the year.

The interface, which CNET finds to be "very likable...simple and clean" on the LG G3 gives users a more intuitive way of navigating their smartphones.

Features in LG UX include Touch & Shoot, a camera mode that allows for quicker capturing of life's fleeting moments; Gesture Shot, which provides for simpler selfies by way of a timer activated via opening and closing of the hand; and Clear View, which removes all of the distracting icons and settings from the screen.

Also included in the package is Smart Keyboard, which LG says is more accurate and forgiving than traditional smartphone keyboards. What's more, the keyboard can also be resized and configured with personal shortcuts.

LG plans to include the LG UX in most of its mid- to entry-level smartphones and tablets. With two big trade events (IFA and CTIA) around the corner, we may see announcements in short order.

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