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LG to bring the mobile thunder September 19

An official LG Mobile invite hints at a new quad-core superphone.

LG and Qualcomm plan to drop some science on September 19. LG

Hot off the heels of Motorola, Nokia, and Apple's phone press conferences, LG will host its own spectacle set for September 19 in New York. LG will also team up with chipmaker Qualcomm to put on the show and flamboyantly invites us to, "Live without boundaries."

We knew this event was coming but now the details are beginning to take shape. CNET's Lynn La is betting that LG will pull the wraps off of its Optimus G superphone, which will run a fire-breathing 1.5GHz Snapdragon Pro quad-core CPU. I have to say that I agree, judging from the raucous thunder and lightning motif gracing the official invite. The fact that Qualcomm is co-sponsoring the shindig is also a good sign.

The LG shenanigans begin bright and early, with doors opening at 8 a.m. ET. Looks like it'll be a caffeinated kind of day, especially since HTC is holding an event right after. Stay tuned, phone fans: Wednesday is promising to be a wild ride news wise.