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MP3 Players

LG T54: Ultra-sleek MP3 player with digital radio

LG has updated the super-shiny FM37 with the digital radio-capable T54. This sleek new MP3 player comes in a range of colours and is a pencil-esque 12mm thick

If you drooled over LG's FM37, you'd better fetch a napkin, because LG has just launched its successor, the T54. Although we took slight issue with the sporadic awkwardness of using the FM37's touchscreen, we nevertheless adored its stylish finish and hefty specification. The new model corrects what we called one of the old model's biggest flaws -- its lack of radio -- by adding both DAB and standard FM tuners. Rejoice!

Retained is the über-sleek casing, support for OGG, WAV, MP3 and WMA files, and high-quality WMV videos. MPEG-4 video is supported up to a superb 2Mbps. Sadly, although 8GB is a good capacity, we should be seeing 16GB MP3 players popping up now. So far only Creative has upped its maximum capacities to the 16GB mark with the new Zen V Plus and the very recently announced Zen, which we're expecting to see tomorrow during our walks around IFA here in Berlin.

The T54 comes in blue, orange, green and black flavours, so if you really want a silver model, you'll have to be content with yestermonth's technology. Thickness clocks in at just under 12mm, which makes it hella slim, and at 76g, hella light.

No word yet on pricing or availability, though we wouldn't expect the 8GB model to go for more than around £139, but we'll keep you posted. It's highly likely we'll see a model here in Berlin and you can rest assured that we'll extract every detail possible from the Korean LG reps. -Nate Lanxon