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LG super slim TV and cube iPod dock emerge

Both are set to make an appearance at CES, but they've leaked early. And they don't come much slimmer and cube-shaped respectively.

Right. Don't tell anyone, but we've got the lowdown on some new LG gear not set to go on show until January. So keep it to yourself.

The 2012 CES Innovation Awards have been handed out, bringing us news on a couple of rather tasty products, reports The Verge. Not only is there are insanely thin TV, there's also an iPod dock that looks quite a lot like a Rubik's Cube. We like. A lot.

The ND8520 speaker dock is probably the most interesting. Named the Powerful Sound iPod Docking Speaker, it may sound like a bad translation, but it looks awesome. It's cube-shaped, and formed from smaller cubes -- add some primary colours to the mix, and we'd be twisting and turning it like it was a 1980s puzzle. It reminds us of the Arcam rCube, though it's a lot more interesting to the eye. There's not much other info, but it does apparently feature AirPlay, enabling wireless streaming of tunes from other Apple devices, if you don't want to dock. (Handy if you want to carry on tweeting/surfing/texting on your phone.)

So, the TV. The Cinema 3D TV 55LM9600 uses LG's Nano Full LED tech for amazingly bright pictures, and features a ridiculously small bezel. According to the photos, the border is practically non-existent, meaning the set is basically all screen.

There's also another TV, the 55LM8600, which claims to have LG's narrowest bezel, but doesn't feature the Nano Full LED tech. And for plasma-lovers, there's the PM9700, which is also 3D and connected.

Plenty to choose from. Whether we ever see them in the UK, we'll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed though. We'll bring you more from CES come January, when we'll be hitting the show floor armed and ready.