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LG Style-i from Verizon

LG Style-i from Verizon

If you recall from our CTIA coverage, we mentioned the LG Style-i Bluetooth accessory that acts like a kind of cell phone remote. As a refresher, we mentioned that it has all the standard cell phone features, such as a dial pad, Talk and End keys, volume and mute buttons, and even an OLED display for caller ID, essentially acting like a mini cell phone. The idea is so that you can leave your actual cell phone in your bag and just use the tiny Style-i, via Bluetooth, to make your calls. Well, we just got news that the LG Style-i is now available from Verizon for $130. Since the Style-i isn't hands-free and there are numerous Bluetooth headsets to choose from as an alternative, we're stumped as to the need for something like this. Nevertheless, we're willing to give it a shot. We'll have a review of this in the near future.

Source: Engadget Mobile