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LG shows off the Europe-only LG KS20

LG KS20 is an Europe-only Windows Mobile smart phone

LG KS20 Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

The LG KS20 isn't a new phone by any means, but we're showing it off here because, well, we won't be seeing it stateside any time soon. That's right, the LG KS20 is a lovely looking touch screen Windows Mobile 6 smartphone that's intended only for the European and Asian markets at the moment. It has a large, 2.8-inch touch screen display, a 2.0-megapixel camera, high-speed 3G support, on-demand video and music, and of course, all the features of a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone, such as mobile e-mail and documents on the go. Technically, you might be able to get the KS20 unlocked and have it work stateside, but you might also be deprived of the high speeds. Look out for a review of the KS20 on either of our sister sites at CNET U.K. or CNET Asia.