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LG ships 100 million handsets in 2008

LG bumps Motorola to fourth place in the number of cell phones sold last year.

Kent German/CBS Interactive

The first numbers for 2008 are out and it appears that LG had a very good year. According to the South Korean newspaper JoongAng Daily, LG sold 100 million handsets last year, boosting it to third place worldwide and barely bumping Motorola to fourth place.

Nokia, of course, was the top dog. Preliminary numbers show that the Finnish giant sold 470 million handsets in 2008, putting it far ahead of Samsung, which claimed the number two spot with 200 million handset sold. Nokia shows no sign of losing its No. 1 status, even though Samsung pumps phones out nonstop.

Motorola, which is accustomed to third place in recent years, dropped to the fourth ranking with 99.9 million handsets sold. While that's not a huge difference between Moto and LG, it marks the end of a troubling year for the company.

Sony Ericsson brought up the rear with 96.6 million handsets sold.

(Source: JoongAng Daily via DigiTimes.)