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LG Shine family grows by two

LG announces two new phones to join the popular Shine family of handsets, pricing both at the low-end of the marketplace.

LG's Shine Slide and Shine Bar

LG today announced two new handsets to join its Black Label Shine family, the Shine Bar (KE770) and the Shine Slide (KE970).

Different to previous Black Label handsets, these new additions will be priced into the lower-end of the spectrum, with the Bar retailing for AU$199 and the Slide slightly more expensive at AU$249.

The two handsets will have differing form factors, and the Slide with feature a higher quality QVGA display. Both handsets will support triband GSM mobile networks, but neither will be compatible with 3G services. The Bar and Slide will also feature 2-megapixel cameras with auto-focus and camera lights.

The LG Shine Bar and Slider are available now on pre-paid plans.