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LG to roll out its first Nano IPS-based monitors at CES 2018

The company's latest LCD-based technology for bright, accurate colors and wide viewing angles arrives on desktops in 2018.


The 34-inch, 5K LG 34WK95U.


In advance of CES 2018, LG announced its newest flagship monitors. In addition to incorporating its Nano IPS technology for the first time in its monitors -- Nano IPS debuted in TVs earlier this year -- they also bear the imprimatur of the just-minted VESA DisplayHDR standard.

The first is its 32UK950, a 32-inch 4K UHD display with a 98-percent DCI-P3 color gamut and HDR 600 support. That support means a peak brightness of 600 nits, local dimming and 10-bit processing (which doesn't necessarily mean it's a 10-bit panel, but this one probably is). It also has both in and out Thunderbolt 3 connections so you can daisy-chain two monitors.

LG also plans to debut the 34WK95U, another HDR 600 monitor, this time a flat 34-inch 5K (5,120x2,160) Nano IPS display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. You can't daisy-chain it, but you can plug it into a Thunderbolt 3 port and in theory use it without a separate power supply. We'll also see a G-Sync Nano IPS gaming monitor at CES, the 34-inch 34GK950G.

Those are all the details I have at the moment. I'll check the monitors out at the show and report back with (I hope) prices and specifications.