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LG redesigns 3D glasses, hopes people buy

LG's new range of 3D specs are much better-looking, but will they be enough to convince people to invest in the third dimension?

Cumbersome glasses are undoubtedly one of the main stumbling blocks preventing 3D TVs becoming truly mainstream. Well LG has redesigned its 3D glasses for next year, offering lighter, more curvaceous designs to tempt us Brits into spending. But will it be enough?

All three new pairs are passive, like the ones you get in cinemas, so there's no flickering or batteries required. The F310 (right) weigh 20 per cent less than last year's standard pair and are curved for a better fit. If you already wear glasses, the F320 (left) might be for you, as they clip on over your regular specs.

If you want to look like you take part in adventure sports, the F360 (middle) resemble a pair of Oakley sunnies, and are designed by Alain Mikli, the man behind shades worn by Kanye West and Elton John -- but don't let that put you off.

It's almost like LG knows it's fighting a losing battle though -- the subtitle of the press release reads: "New Cinema 3D TV glasses will convince more customers that 3D doesn't have to be uncomfortable or ugly." It's as if the company's admitting all its previous 3D products have been uncomfortable and ugly. And for our money, it's not the design of 3D glasses that have been putting people off 3D, it's the fact you have to wear glasses at all.

Most Brits think 3D is a gimmick, according to a recent survey. Until glasses-free sets arrive (and the quality becomes comparable to TVs reliant on glasses), 3D will remain a niche line.

LG also announced it'll be implementing new Smart TV features for next year, but apart from an updated remote and Intel WiDi built-in for streaming, there aren't many details. Don't expect Google TV though, as LG is ploughing its own furrow with its own range of apps.

Would these new glasses be enough for you to go 3D? Let us know below, or over on our Facebook page.