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LG readies 3G Netbook, the X110 Momo

LG lists the 3G, mobile, broadband-equipped, X110 Netbook on its Web site as coming soon.

LG Electronics

Quick quiz. What has an Intel Atom processor, a 10-inch screen, and weighs less than three pounds? A not small number of Netbooks.

What has the above specs, plus 3G mobile broadband? The LG X110 Momo Netbook. The addition of integrated HSUPA 3G connectivity helps separate the X100 Momo from the rest of the Netbook pack. (Momo = More Mobility, in case you're wondering.)

A ship date and pricing remain mysteries, but a product page for the X110 has popped up on LG's United Arab Emirates site. Other specs listed include the now-ubiquitous 1.6GHz Atom N270 CPU and either 512MB or 1GB of RAM. Hard drive options include 80GB, 120GB, or 160GB capacities, but no sign of solid state drives. Also unique is the choice of OS--Vista Home Basic instead of XP Home. When not connected to a cellular network (LG has yet to list the carriers it'll offer), you can use the X110's b/g Wi-Fi or 10/100 Ethernet connections. A multiformat media-card reader and a 1.3-megapixel Webcam come standard, and Bluetooth is listed as an option.

Unfortunately, a three-cell battery is the only battery option listed. We tested the MSI Wind with a three-cell battery, which conked out before the two-hour mark. Such underwhelming battery life would decrease the benefit of onboard 3G connectivity and detract from LG's "More Mobility" claim.

The LG X110 Momo looks very similar to the MSI Wind, which isn't surprising given the rumor earlier this year that LG had tapped MSI to build its Netbook. We've not confirmed that report, but both Netbooks are similar in size and shape and come in black, white, or pink. The LG Netbook looks to taper a bit more toward its front edge, and as Wired's blog points out, the arrow keys are shifted down a bit to make room for other keys, including what looks to be a full-size Shift key. Sometimes these little touches can make a huge difference in everyday use.

We'll keep our eyes open for if and when the LG X110 nears U.S. shores, in our continuing quest to find the perfect Netbook.