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LG punches a hole in one slim LCD

LG introduced a 42-inch LCD with a distinctive hole in the frame at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.

LG's 42LGX Super Slim LCD
Hole-y LCD, Batman! LG

In one of the more distinctive styling decisions we've seen at this year's CES, LG is offering an ultrathin LCD with round hole right in the frame. The 42LGX Super Slim also, as the name implies, measures just 1.7 inches thick, besting the 2007 champ, Sharp's 3.5-inch thick LC-D64U series, by a solid 1.8 inches. If the hole and the thinness don't appeal to you, maybe this model's red backside will.

The 42LGX Super Slim also offers 120Hz technology and a host of other improvements, including an ISF mode that has a user-accessible color temperature adjustment with 10 separate grayscale points, which should help calibrators improve color accuracy. That's cool, but we care more about playing Valve's (thanks, Mellowie!) Portal on this thing and snickering every time we catch a reference to "Aperture Science."

As usual, LG did not announce pricing or availability on the 42LGX Super Slim.

42LGX Super Slim key features (direct from the press release)
  • TruMotion 120Hz technology
  • Invisible Speaker System
  • Intelligent Sensor for automatic optimization of brightness and color
  • 24p TruCinema
  • ISFccc Calibration Ready
  • Four HDMI with 1.3 Deep Color