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LG projector: wallflower power

LG projector: wallflower power

In what the company calls an industry first, the LG AN110DP projector mounts almost flush against the back wall of a home theater, for an unobtrusive and novel alternative to standard projector ceiling mounts. Measuring just 3.5 inches thick, the projector utilizes a specially developed lens with lens shift (plus or minus 125 percent) for use in tricky installations and a two-dimensional prism structure said to provide better picture uniformity. Unlike many home-theater projectors that use a 1,280x720 DLP chip that exactly matches the resolution of 720p HDTV, the AN110 uses a 1,280x768 DLP chip. Pricing and availability were not announced at the company's press conference, and a spokesman characterized the projector as more of a concept product than a solid member of LG's lineup.