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LG plans curved smartphone, the G Flex

From OLED TVs to the palm of your hand: curved smartphone screens are on the way.

LG is reportedly preparing a new smartphone for its G-series range, this one featuring a curved display.

The LG G Flex smartphone features a curved display. (Credit: Supplied)

Pegged to be called the G Flex, few details are known about the device, although information obtained by CNET points to a 6-inch plastic OLED display and a possible reveal of the device in November. CNET also obtained the sketch of the G Flex from the same source.

Samsung is also expected to reveal a curved or flexible display smartphone in the coming months, possibly as a new Galaxy Note 3 model.

LG first showed off the curved display technology back in May and has demonstrated a 5-inch plastic OLED display at trade shows.

It's unclear exactly what the benefits of a curved smartphone would be. A light curve may well conform to the shape of a face, but whether it will adversely impact the use of the touchscreen or even how convenient it is to carry the phone in a pocket remains to be seen.