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LG Philips lays claim to biggest OLED

Prototype 20.1-inch display is the world's largest OLED, the South Korea-based manufacturer says.

LG Philips is developing what the company claims is the world's largest organic light-emitting diode display.

The company, which manufactures thin-film-transistor, or TFT, LCD screens in South Korea, unveiled a prototype 20.1-inch active matrix OLED display at the FPD International trade show in Japan on Tuesday.

It is based on "low-temperature polysilicon," a technique also used in TFT-LCD production, where active components are integrated across the display glass. This lets the OLED display be made using modifications of existing techniques and production lines. Because OLED displays do not need a separate backlight, the power consumption of the finished unit should be lower than that of an LCD counterpart.

LG Philips, a joint venture between LG Electronics and Royal Philips Electronics, wasn't able to provide full technical details of the device at the time of writing. According to reports, the OLED display contains 3 million pixels, suggesting that it has a resolution of 2,028 pixels by 1,536 pixels.

Until now, Samsung had the honor of having created the largest OLED display. In May it announced a 17-inch active matrix OLED display with a resolution of 1,600 pixels by 1,200 pixels.

Other companies have announced OLED displays that are larger than 20.1 inches, but these have actually contained a number of smaller units stuck together.

Kodak and Sony have also shown interest in OLED production.

Graeme Wearden of ZDUK reported from London.