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LG Optimus 3D teases its wares with new video footage

LG has published a new teaser video of its Optimus 3D smart phone, which is due to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress. The Android device shows off its multiple cameras in the vid.

LG's Optimus 3D is one of the most hotly anticipated new smart phones for 2011, thanks to its glasses-free 3D screen and dual-lens camera. Now it has made a starring appearance in a new pre-Mobile World Congress video, showcasing its pair of cameras and promising "a smart phone that sees the world like we do".

The video, published by Pocket-lint, is just 23 seconds long and low on specs. It's also (almost) mercifully free of the over-dramatic voiceover and broken grammar of its previous teaser video, which appeared on LG's website last week. Here's the new vid:

Alas, the slogan 'Something Bigger is Coming On Your Way' appears to have been dumped, which is good for the Optimus 3D's credibility, but a blow to the gaiety of the tech nation.

The video doesn't give any more details on the Optimus 3D's specs, but thankfully LG has already outed several of the phone's key features, including the dual-lens camera, the fact that you won't need a pair of glasses to watch 3D content on the screen, and the promise of HDMI and DLNA connectivity for shunting videos onto bigger screens.

Our key question remains where we'll get this 3D content from, and how we'll get it on to the device. Downloading a 3D film over the 3G network is a non-starter, and while it's do-able on Wi-Fi, LG hasn't said whether it will have its own store app on the Optimus 3D, or whether we'll have to buy films on our PCs and sideload them on to the device.

Early next week, we should know more on that score. The assumption is that the Optimus 3D will run Google's Android OS too, but that will become clear then too.

What's that? You'd like to see the previous trailer with the cheesy voiceover and comedy slogan? Be our guest.