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LG L343i and O2 Ice: New handsets available on O2

This week O2 has launched its own 3G phone called the Ice, and added another i-mode phone -- the LG L343i

This week O2 has added two new handsets to its portfolio -- the LG L343i that lets you access i-mode, and the O2 Ice, the operator's very own 3G phone. According to Mobile, O2 is hoping that the LG L343i will help boost i-mode sales.

O2's i-mode launched last year and provides Internet services like shopping on eBay or using Streetmap on your i-mode ready phone. You also get access to i-mail, which works like push mail and automatically forwards your emails straight to your phone.

O2's range of i-mode handsets has been steadily growing over the past year. O2's Internet service, however, is starting to look a little lacklustre compared to the unlimited Internet browsing offers that are appearing on other networks.

The L343i (pictured left) is a tri-band clamshell phone that measures 47 by 82 by 22mm. It features a VGA camera, colour screen and Bluetooth. It's currently available for £90 on pay as you go.

Next up is the O2 Ice (pictured right) that also comes in at under £100, but features 3G connectivity and a candybar form factor. The Ice looks similar to O2's XDA IQ, however it comes in white and doesn't have Wi-Fi, but it does have a 1.3-megapixel camera, microSD slot, Bluetooth and a VGA camera on the front for video calls. The Ice measures 49 by 117 by 14mm and weighs 92g. It will be available in September on O2's online store and in high streets in October. -AL