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LG KF600: Redefining navigation with touch

LG has whipped the covers off its stylish, touch-sensitive KF600 handset, and we think it's very attractive indeed

As we saw with the new KF700 -- and as we're about to see with the KF600 -- LG's new handsets are approaching navigation in exciting new ways. As an alternative to the KF700's multi-input design, the KF600 uses touch-sensitive buttons that change function according to what feature you're using.

But this is a slider phone and the touch-sensitive buttons are purely for navigational purposes; a physical alpha-numeric keyboard slides out from underneath the phone as normal. As for non-touchy feely features, the KF600 has an MP3 player, a 3-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio and microSD support.

LG's been moving up in the world of phones (in stark contrast to Motorola's decline) and it's great to see some innovation in the fields of navigation and interaction. Fanboys will attribute this to Apple's use of touch-sensitive technology in its Jesus phone, but we all know fanboys are full of shi tzu dung and best ignored for the sake of humanity. -Nate Lanxon

Update: Check out or hands-on pictures of the LG KF600 and the LG KF700.

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