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LG: iPad won't match our tablet

LG will soon release a tablet to compete with Apple's iPad, and the company is promising that consumers will find it's better than the iPad.

LG believes that it has what it takes to supplant the iPad as the most desired tablet on the market.

Chang Ma, LG's vice president of marketing for its mobile-devices division, told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that his company's tablet bests Apple's offering.

"Our tablet will be better than the iPad," Ma boasted to the Journal. He acknowledged that the iPad is a fine device, but he criticized it for not letting people "do much work on it."

LG's Optimus tablet, which is set to launch by year's end, will run Android OS. Currently, further details are few and far between, but Ma told the Journal that the focus of the device will be productivity and that people will be able to edit video, among other advanced activities.

LG isn't just stopping at tablets. The company hopes to release 10 smartphones by the end of the year. And although Apple's iPhone is selling extremely well, Ma told the Journal that in the smartphone market, "the race hasn't started yet."

Those are awfully confident words from a company going up against Apple.