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LG introduces Diamond Collection kitchen appliances -- sans smudges

LG's new generation of kitchen appliances boasts a darker, more fingerprint-resistant shade of stainless steel.


Stainless steel appliances are designed to help your kitchen look its best, but start touching the things, and you'll end up with a kitchen full of smudges. LG's newest generation of appliances wants to help, with a special, smudge-resistant coating to help keep things looking pristine.

Dubbed the "Diamond Collection," the new appliances include multiple refrigerators, a microwave, a dishwasher, and both gas and electric double ovens. The coating gives the stainless steel a darker look -- along with fighting off fingerprints, LG claims that it's designed to pair perfectly with just about any decor.


The new appliances feature many of LG's existing bells and whistles. The collection's ranges and microwaves all feature "EasyClean" interiors, for instance, while the Diamond Collection dishwasher utilizes LG's "TrueSteam" feature to help eliminate the need for pre-washing. There are also Diamond Collection Door-in-Door refrigerators, a popular feature that offers quick access to in-door food storage.

There's also a new four-door, "t-type" fridge in the Diamond Collection -- possibly an effort to keep up with Samsung's refrigerator catalog, where the four-door Chef Collection refrigerator ranks as the brand's most expensive. Pricing and availability for the entire Diamond Collection lineup is still to be determined -- it'll be interesting to see where that fridge lands in comparison with the Samsung model, which retails for a whopping $6,000.

There's nothing revolutionary about smudge-proof appliances, mind you. GE already sells with a dark grey, smudge-resistant finish, and high-end stainless steel Frigidaire models claim a smudge-proof exterior, as well. Still, fingerprint-averse consumers will certainly be glad to have some additional options.

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