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Computer Accessories

LG GGW-H10N Super Multi Blue revealed

LG has revealed details and pictures of its first internal Blu-ray/HD DVD disc drive for desktop PCs. Rejoice!

LG is a shameless double agent in the HD format war -- it's the only major company to produce products that work with both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. We've already seen its awesome Super Multi Blue player. Now the company is bringing the same technology to the PC with its GGW-H10N Blu-ray/HD DVD internal PC drive.

The first pictures and details were released early on Tuesday, and as you can see, it looks about as exciting as is possible for a PC disc drive. Don't stifle your yawn altogether, though -- the front sports Blu-ray and HD DVD logos so you can show off to your mates.

Specs-wise, it writes to Blu-ray discs at 4x and to standard DVDs at a maximum of 10x. It will not, we repeat not, write to HD DVDs -- only playback is possible.

Expect it to arrive in May 2007 for a whopping $1,200 (£620). -RR