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LG GD900 Crystal: Materialising at Carphone Warehouse this summer

It's totally pointless, but totally awesome: the LG GD900 Crystal has a see-through tempered-glass keypad, and it's launching at the Carphone Warehouse this summer

The keypad on the LG GD900 Crystal is, like, the best thing we've ever seen. It's touch-sensitive, with handwriting recognition, mousepad-like touch control, multi-touch gestures like on an iPhone, and it's made of frickin' transparent glass.

We're thrilled to hear the tempered glass slider will be on shelves this summer, thanks to the Carphone Warehouse. LG says it'll sport a 3-inch (76mm) touchscreen and as-yet-unspecified audio and video features, as well as expandable memory.

The Crystal will take advantage of the spinning-cube wonders of LG's S-class user interface, previously seen on the LG Arena.