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3 cool new features on the LG G7's camera

LG's marquee G7 phone has dual 16-megapixel cameras with a few tricks up their sleeves

The G7's dual 16-megapixel cameras.

Sarah Tew/CNET

At a New York press event on Wednesday, LG unveiled its latest marquee phone, the LG G7. As a predecessor to the G6, the G7 is packed with a number of updates including a larger 6.1-inch display, twice the amount of internal storage (from 32 to 64GB) and the Snapdragon 845 chipset.

But the G7's cameras also received some upgrades. Not only has LG bumped up the megapixel count on all three lenses (two in the back and a selfie camera), but they come with a few tricks as well.

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One standout feature is its emphasis on artificial intelligence. Companies use this term liberally and it can mean a bunch of different things depending on who you're asking. But these features fold into LG's whole "ThinQ" smart devices branding.

The camera can identify more than 1,000 objects and images, recognize scenes as being in eight different categories and apply 18 kinds of photo settings. So if you're snapping photos of a cityscape, a flower, a sunset or whatever, it'll recognize it and adjust accordingly.

LG also made it more straightforward to snap portrait photos, whether or not you're using the rear- or front-facing shooter. Though you technically could have taken these bokeh-style photos with blurred background on the G6 using manual configurations, with the G7 you just have to tap to the mode and snap a photo.

Lastly, the G7 can recognize when you're in a really, really dark environment once you launch the camera. It will then advise you, with a blinking icon, to turn on its low-light feature to brighten your photo before you snap the shutter.

For more information on the phone, check out CNET's LG G7 review, and see how it compares to other Android phones.

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