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Ready for the LG G6? It might be coming next month

LG teases a mystery phone in a video. Chances are good it's the company's next flagship bound for the MWC show next month.


New year, new phone. At least that's the gist of a recently posted video on LG's YouTube channel, which teases its next flagship device -- you know, the one with everything that people want in a phone (or so says LG). The video ends with the launch month: February 2017. Do we think this is the LG G6 bound for next month's Mobile World Congress show in Spain? Heck yeah!

The follow-up to last year's LG G5 couldn't come soon enough. While it took a novel approach to modular parts, it ultimately felt gimmicky and failed to catch on. With Samsung on the rocks after its Galaxy Note 7 debacle, this is LG's chance to shine. If Samsung's Galaxy S8 arrives after MWC, LG would have a leg up on its longtime rival.

We've heard a few rumors about the upcoming G6 phone, which could have:

  • 5.7-inch QHD display
  • 18x9 aspect ratio
  • No modular design

The video also hints at a few more, like a large screen, a smaller body (which could mean a smaller bezel) and water-resistant coating.

Stay tuned to CNET as more rumors and official details come in.