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LG G2 balloon stunt goes awry

An imprudent marketing event to drum up interest in the G2 smartphone ends in nearly two dozen injuries.

LG's "G in the Cloud" event resulted in a number of injured attendees. Korea Times

Proving that not everything belongs in the cloud, a recent publicity stunt for the LG G2 ended in nearly two dozen injuries.

Taking place in Seoul on Friday, the "G in the Cloud" event was designed to help generate interest in the new flagship phone. The idea was to launch hundreds of helium balloons in the air with 100 of them including vouchers for a free G2 handset. Unfortunately, not many of the balloons got far as onlookers and attendees attempted to grab the coupons for themselves.

Reportedly there were 20 people injured in the skirmish, some as a result of being shot with BB guns. LG had been promoting the event via its social media channels; plenty of followers showed up with various methods of capturing or popping balloons.

LG plans to compensate those who were injured in the resulting melee with medical treatment. What's more, LG halted future upcoming events centered around free G2 smartphones.