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LG G Pro 2 to feature 0.4mm bezel, report says

Over 77 percent of the device's face will be covered with display because of the thin bezel, according to the report.

The LG G Pro
The LG G Pro. Josh Miller/CNET

LG Electronics' upcoming G Pro 2 will feature an extremely thin bezel, making the face of the device feel as though it's all display, according to a new report.

The handset, which will succeed the somewhat popular Optimus G Pro, will have a bezel measuring just 0.4mm, according to a report out of Korea from FNNews. If that's the case, more than 77 percent of the device's face will be covered with display.

The report is the second rumor in as many days surrounding the highly anticipated handset. On Tuesday, LG said in a blog post that the G Pro 2 will come with a 13-megapixel camera featuring optical image stabilization. The same feature is available in the HTC One and Nokia's Lumia 1020, among others.

According to Android Headlines, which earlier reported on the bezel size, the G Pro 2 could ship with a display that measures 5.7 inches. That large display, coupled with the thin bezel, should make the screen look exceedingly large.

LG has kept most of the details on the G Pro 2 close to the vest. The company is expected to show off all the handset's features at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month.