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LG Flex to be available outside of Korea

LG's curved smartphone is making its way out of Korea and into more markets across the world.

Both LG and Samsung have curved smartphones, but until recently, they were only for their home market of South Korea.

(Credit: LG)

But now it looks like LG will be bringing the Flex to the US, with "a person familiar with the phone's launch plans" confirming the US availability to CNET.

Although the source was unable to confirm carrier details, according to @evleaks — who is very often correct — the phone will be on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

This is good news for Australians who are desperate for the Flex's supple curves, as it will open the phone to sale on the parallel market and may eventually result in an official Aussie launch if the device proves popular.

The Flex may have initially attracted attention due to its curved screen, but it's the "self-healing" component that seems even more interesting to many. According to LG, the Flex has a Wolverine-esque backing that will fix scratches in seconds. We'll wait and see just how well this works before we get too excited.