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LG flaunts curved 21:9 monitor, plus a display for gamers

The company releases details about a curved 21:9 monitor, a 4K display for video pros, and a fast-refreshing monitor for gamers that it will show off at the IFA trade show next month.

LG's curved 21:9 monitor LG/HJK

LG is flaunting its curves with a new, eye-popping 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor.

The company announced details about the monitor on Monday and noted that it will be shown off at the IFA trade show in Berlin in early September. The curved screen will be joined by two other monitors: a 4K display for professional use and a rapidly refreshing display for gamers.

The 34-inch 34UC97 curved monitor has a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio and in-plane switching. It boasts a massive resolution of 3,440x1,440 pixels. The display packs two Thunderbolt 2 connections for connecting to Macs and for daisy-chaining other monitors.

LG's curved monitors can be daisy-chained together for extra curviness. LG/HJK

The price has yet to be revealed, although we imagine the cost will be as eye-watering as the pixel count with roughly the same number of digits before the decimal place. The release date for the new monitors has yet to be released.

Like the curved televisions that have been promoted heavily this year, curved monitors are designed to draw you into what's on the screen by wrapping around your peripheral vision. LG's 21:9 monitor has a 7W speaker system to immerse your ears as well.

Meanwhile, the 31-inch LG 31MU97 Digital Cinema 4K Monitor is designed for professional creative types and video editors, who can view and edit ultra-high-definition video on the eye-scorching 4,096x2,160-pixel display.

The LG 24GM77 Gaming Monitor has a lower resolution than the retina-melting monitors above, but caters specifically to fast-paced games with a refresh rate of 144Hz. Dynamic Action Sync cuts down on input lag, so the game reacts instantly to your button-bashing. Motion 240 reduces motion blur.

At IFA, we're also expecting to see LG's 21:9 Cine View all-in-one PC, which packs an Intel Core i5-powered computer into its sizable 29-inch screen. We'll be at the show in Berlin in force, so keep it CNET for all the photos, videos, and hands-on first impressions you could wish for.

Below is a video about a competitor's curved-screen TV:

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