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LG Flatron D2342P review: 3D on the cheap

LG's Flatron D2342P eschews Nvidia's 3D Vision in favor of its own, cheaper 3D solution.

The LG Flatron D2342P uses a passive method to approximate 3D. Josh Miller/CNET

By offering a 3D monitor that eschews the $150 Nvidia 3D Vision Kit in favor of a more affordable option, LG is attempting to widen the 3D market with its Flatron D2342P monitor.

The display comes with a pair of passive 3D glasses, which are a lot cheaper to produce than the active-shutter lenses of the Nvidia glasses.

Passive 3D displays polarize every other horizontal line of resolution on the monitor so that, in the case of the D2342P with its 1080P resolution, each eye sees a different 540 lines of the picture, creating a 3D effect.

In our time this week experiencing both solutions, the Nvidia clearly delivered the most convincing 3D.

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