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LG Fantasy, or is that Miracle, pops up in leaked video

The LG Miracle, also dubbed the LG Fantasy, has appeared in a leaked video. Click here to check it out.

The LG Fantasy, also known as the LG Miracle, has popped up in an online video ahead of its official launch. secured footage (below) and pics (above!) of the upcoming 4-inch smart phone, which shows LG's new, ambiguously named toy swooping through the Windows Phone interface with acrobatic ease.

The device looks to sport a 5-megapixel camera and a 1GHz processor, alongside LG's Nova display technology. Those specs will put it firmly in the mid-range bracket for smart phones, but that means the price should be a bit lower accordingly.

The back has a rubberised look, rocking a distinctive horizontal stripe across the middle that bears the Windows Phone logo, and while the phone doesn't look all that thin, it doesn't appear too bulky to me. Nokia has really upped the stakes in terms of Windows Phone devices, so I'll be looking for impeccable build quality.

Earlier this month my colleague Racin' Rich Trenholm showed you a leaked snap of a device known as the LG Miracle, though pictures have also emerged of a device that looks remarkably similar to the one featured in the video, along with the 'LG Fantasy E740' name.

So the moniker is up in the air, but what I'm now almost positive about is that we'll see LG unveiling a mid-range Windows Phone very soon. Expect a hands-on preview of this phone closer to the end of the month, when I'll be checking out all the coolest new smart phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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