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LG cruelly fakes the apocalypse

Interviewees for a job suddenly see through a window behind the interviewer that the world is ending. It's not really a window. But their reactions are quite something. This a new ad for LG's Ultra HD TV

You'll never get the job now. Ads4u666/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Legend has it that an NFL player practicing in Super Bowl week heard one of his coaches shriek the cliche: "There is no tomorrow!"

The player replied: "Well, if there's no tomorrow, I'm not staying here." He then walked off.

The question, therefore, is what you would do if you were in a job interview and you realized the world was about to end.

The Chilean arm of LG decided to test this hypothesis, while at the same time showing off its no-doubt marvelous 84-inch Ultra HD TV.

In an ad that brings all human fears to the surface and laughs at them, the interviewees, nervous already, are suddenly faced with the apocalypse happening at the worst possible moment.

It's through a window behind the interviewer. Except it's not really a window. You know that, but they don't.

Now, they won't be able to get that two-bedroom condo. And the wedding plans are entirely out of window. As it were.

Their eyes bulge. Their hearts race. They leap from their chairs. Instead of running for their lives, they duck, as if somehow this will save them from doom.

They end up crawling along the floor.

Of course, you will suspect, as I do, that these are all actors. This is just a staged ad. Funny, but certainly not real.

However, as one of America's finest exponents of viral amusement, Michael Krivicka of Thinkmodo, recently told me, people often don't care whether it's staged.

They just want to be entertained. Ads are everywhere. Good ads aren't.

In fact, sometimes what is staged ultimately becomes real. For example, when Thinkmodo fooled people into believing that golfer Bubba Watson had a hovercraft golf cart, it was a pure prank.

However, a golf club in Springfield, Ohio, thought this was such a fine idea that it ordered two of them.

We're all trying to make our realities virtual. It's the new, new thing.

We should hardly complain when someone else does it.