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LG Chocolate for the States may be different

LG Chocolate for the States may be different

One of the more exciting phones we've seen at CTIA has been the LG Chocolate phone (you can read more about it in our LG line show). Its slim black design with the glowing touch pad had us wanting to get our hands on it immediately. As described in our line show, this is actually a Korean handset that LG will debut in the United States later this year. However, at a meeting with LG early yesterday, we discovered that the U.S. version of the Chocolate phone may be different from its Korean counterpart. How different? We weren't given any details, but it was hinted that changes could range from adding buttons to changing the sliding form factor to something like a clamshell. These changes are far from finalized, and the LG people were firm in telling us this. We hope that whatever happens, the design maintains the same sleek feel, but I guess we won't really know until later this year.