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LG CB630 Invision coming to AT&T?

LG CB630 Invision may debut for AT&T Mobile TV this August.

LG CB630 Invision
LG CB630 Invision LG

AT&T Mobile TV may get another handset to offer its live TV service in the form of the LG CB630 Invision.

According to Engadget Mobile, this Samsung Access-lookalike may debut for AT&T this August 13 for $99.99, with a $50 rebate and a two-year service agreement. So far, the only phones to support AT&T Mobile TV are the LG Vu and the Samsung Access, though there are rumblings that the Access may go the way of the Dodo when the Invision comes onboard. We don't know too much about the Invision just yet, but we'll keep you posted once we have more details.