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LG brings virtual reality to Australia for free with the VR for G3

After LG announced the global launch of its VR for G3 virtual reality headset, the company has confirmed the device will come to Australia, but quantities will be "limited".

The VR for G3 uses LG's G3 smartphone as a virtual reality display. LG

LG is working with Google to bring its own virtual reality experience to Australia -- known as the VR for G3 -- and G3 smartphone users will be able to test it out as soon as March.

The plastic headset holds the G3 smartphone, transforming the phone into a virtual reality display, similar to the design of Google Cardboard. Users will be able to download VR-compatible apps and games from the Google Play store, play them on their G3 and "transport themselves to another world" according to LG.

The company announced the launch of the VR for G3 globally this week, and we now have confirmation that it will definitely be coming to Australia.

"Commencing in March 2015, when the VR for G3 units become available in Australia, LG will distribute a quantity of units to existing owners of the LG G3 so they can experience the world of virtual reality first hand," LG said in a statement.

"In addition selected new purchasers of the LG G3 handset will receive a bonus VR headset as a gift when they make a purchase through selected partners. Retail offer details will be announced shortly."

There was no word on how existing G3 users will be able to get access to the VR unit, only that LG Australia "will make a limited quantity of samples" available to existing and new G3 owners. LG Australia has since confirmed that further details on distribution would be made available in the coming weeks.

LG's offering follows the lead of Korean rival Samsung, which announced the Australian arrival of the Gear VR in 2014, using the Galaxy Note 4 as the display device inserted within the plastic VR headset.

With its VR for G3, LG is promising immersive sound, thanks to the smartphone's 1W speaker, as well as a 'ring magnet' on the side that works with the G3's built-in magnetic gyroscope sensor to let users scroll through menus and select applications without touching the display.

Updated at 12:50 p.m. AEDT to include LG response on distribution and availability.