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LG BD570: Fully loaded Blu-ray player, sans 3D

CNET reviews the LG BD570, finding it offers the same mix of solid Blu-ray playback and media streaming that made its predecessor a hit, as long as you don't need 3D compatibility.

LG BD570
LG BD570 Sarah Tew/CNET

Last year's LG BD390 felt like the first Blu-ray player to really have it all, with built-in Wi-Fi, excellent streaming services, onboard storage, and 7.1 analog-audio outputs. The only drawback was its $400 list price, so it's good news to see its successor, the LG BD570, selling for as low as $250 online.

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Aside from the price break, the BD570 hasn't changed much from the BD390. Yes, the BD570 doesn't have 7.1 analog-audio outputs, but it still includes NetCast streaming services--such as including Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora, and Picasa--built-in Wi-Fi, and it has an excellent image quality.

What has changed is that the competition has caught up; nearly every manufacturer is offering a Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi and Netflix at this price in 2010. Also, 3D Blu-ray looming on the horizon and the BD570 isn't compatible with the format; Sony  is promising a firmware upgrade this summer for its competing BDP-S570.

Don't get us wrong--the BD570 is a still great Blu-ray player, but it's not the standout product that last year's BD390 was.

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LG BD570