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LG announces plans for Android-based tablet

The South Korea-based company announces a tablet using Google's open-source operating system but offers no further details.

LG Electronics plans to release an Android-based tablet computer by the fourth quarter, the company announced Monday.

The South Korea-based company said in a press release that it will use Google's open-source operating system but provided no pricing or technical details. The tablet is part of an upcoming line of about 10 smart devices and smartphones that the company plans to release by year's end, LG said.

The press release stated that the first tablet LG plans to release will be based on the Android operating system. It's unknown whether the new tablet will replace or compete with the UX10, a Windows 7-based tablet the company previewed at Computex 2010.

With the entry, LG will join a growing number of hardware makers using the open-source operating system for smarthphones and tablet PCs. Cisco Systems announced plans in late June for an Android-based tablet called Cisco Cius, which will retail for less than $1,000 and be geared toward business users.

LG also announced two smartphones--the LG Optimus One and LG Optimus Chic--that will run on Google's Android 2.2, also know as Froyo.