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LG Ally allies with Android

The Ally is LG's latest Android phone. Read the story to find out if it's up your alley

LG is allying itself with Iron Man 2 to promote the Android-powered Ally phone, which is confirmed for lift-off this month.

The Ally boasts an 81mm (3.2-inch) touchscreen, covering a slide-out, full-Qwerty keyboard. It packs a 3.2-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and GPS.

LG came late to the Android party, starting with the InTouch Max GW620 earlier this year. That was recently followed up by the Optimus GT540.

In the US, LG is tying the Ally in with Iron Man 2. Over here, ol' shellhead is promoting the Samsung Monte. As always with these kind of half-assed movie tie-ins, this promotion extends to a couple of screensavers rather than actually doing something cool, like making the phone red and gold. That said, the Monte does come with the first Iron Man film on a microSD card.

The LG Ally will hit the US, on Verizon, on 20 May. It's not clear whether it'll come here, but we'll keep you posted. Oh yes we will.