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LG 84-inch 'ultra definition' 4K TV headed for CES

LG is bringing a mammoth telly with a ridiculous resolution to Vegas for CES 2012. Let's hope it's got a big enough plane...

LG has already let us know about some of its CES plans, but this could be the gigantic cherry on top. It's a mammoth 84-inch TV, with a resolution of 3,840x2,160 pixels. That's classed as 'ultra definition' -- with four times the resolution of HD. Four times. Insane.

Oh, and did we mention this thing is 84 inches across? It looks suspiciously like the 84-inch 4K TV LG showed at the last CES in January, but with enhanced Smart TV capabilities bringing apps and the power of the Internet to your lounge.

It has some pretty cool features outside of being a huge telly with a mad resolution, too. 3D Depth Control lets you adjust the level of 3D-osity (as we believe it's technically known), much like on the Nintendo 3DS. And 3D Sound Zooming give you immersive 3D-style sound, which should be handy if you don't have a surround-sound system. It'll upscale 2D movies and shows to 3D, and there are over 1,200 apps to choose from.

LG also claims the set will be controlled by voice recognition, much like Apple's much-rumoured first TV. Though we'll have to wait for a hands-on to see how much you can control by speaking.

There's no word on a UK release, but it looks a lot more finished than last year's model. Though there isn't much 4K video around at the moment, so you'd struggle to get the most from it. And price? We're guessing 'lots'.

This set will sit happily alongside the largest OLED TV LG will be showing off at CES, as well the company's redesigned 3D glasses.

Would you like to see more 4K devices in the UK? Or is HD enough? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook.