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LG 42PQ6000: 42-inch HD Ready plasma looks gorgeous, costs less than a dog

If you want a decent size TV, but money is an issue, we think you might have your interest piqued by this new 42-inch LG plasma, which is a joy to look at and will set you back less than a pretty pooch

Plasma has had a tough time recently. Some pundits have -- foolishly -- predicted the end for the technology, in light of Pioneer departing from the marketplace. Here at Crave though, we still have much love for these gas-charged beauties -- and so it seems does LG.

The 42PQ6000 is, as the name suggests, a 42-inch plasma TV. If you're a numbers fan, you might be disappointed to learn it's only a 720p, HD Ready TV with a resolution of 1,024x768 pixels. We've always defended the HD Ready TV, though -- while 1080p is desirable, there are some pretty good reasons to consider a 720p TV. They're mostly price-related, if we're honest.

We have to say, this is a very pretty-looking screen. We love the one-piece glass design, which gives it a very modern look. We also love how slim the TV is, making it great for popping away in a little corner or even wall-mounting it. LG says the joy of this TV is that everything is hidden away. And indeed, TV controls are tucked away at the side, and the sound seems to come from nowhere. It's all very clever, and icy cool too.

For saving the environment and your wallet, the LG comes with an Eco mode, which should reduce its power consumption to ultra-low levels. Engaging this mode does reduce the brightness somewhat, so you might consider using it when the lights are off at movie time. Happily, to save you having to trawl through menus, the TV can also detect the ambient light levels and auto-adjust itself.

To connect equipment, there are three HDMI sockets, component video in, PC VGA and the usual pair of Scart sockets and composite video. For the sort of person likely to buy this TV, we think that's a decent array of inputs.

Although we haven't conducted a full review yet, the LG impresses us. The Freeview picture quality is excellent, and for a TV that will set you back a mere £700, we really can't help but give the PQ6000 much respect.