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Leyio: 16GB sharing... thing? Doohickey? Whatchamacallit?

The Leyio is a, er, thing? It has an OLED screen, yeah, and a detachable USB module, okayyy, and 16GB flash memory, riiight. Oh, just read the article and see if you can work it out

How to explain the Leyio? It's kind of like a USB stick -- a turbocharged USB stick, with alloys and big fins and laser beams. Okay, not exactly, but it is a 16GB USB stick with an OLED screen, detachable USB connection and wireless connection to its mates.

The Leyio contains a whopping 16GB of flash memory to store whatever you want. You can check through your files on the 128x128-pixel OLED screen, and share with other Leyios with a flick of the wrist.


Files are zapped to other Leyios via Ultra Wide Broadband (UWB) at speeds of 10MBps. You can also slide out the Shuttle, a detachable 2GB USB module, to share with non-Leyio users. Security is handled by minutia-matching fingerprint recognition technology, also used by the FBI. Cor.

Leyio Shuttle

The Leyio will be available in UK stores in April priced around £160.