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Leyden Energy readies long-lasting laptop batteries

Start-up Leyden Energy is bringing a lithium ion battery technology to market designed to boost battery life and performance.

Start-up Leyden Energy on Monday is expected to announce a distribution deal for laptop battery cells that improve the life of typical lithium ion batteries.

The Fremont, Calif.-based company will supply cells for replacement batteries to Canadian distributor Dr. Battery, said CEO Aakar Patel last week. The batteries will have a three-year warranty and maintain 80 percent of their capacity after three years, he said.

A lithium ion battery pouch from Leyden Energy designed for consumer electronics. Leyden Energy

The 4-year old, venture capital-backed company has not come up with a new type of lithium ion chemistry, but has commercialized an electrolyte technology which Leyden Energy licensed from DuPont, Patel said.

"With our electrolyte we can take any lithium ion chemistry and enhance the cycle life and at the same time enhance energy density. It's chemistry independent," he said.

The electrolyte is made of a lithium ion salt that remains stable at high temperatures and causes less degradation over time to active components in the battery, he said.

The company. one of many trying to improve lithium ion battery performance, plans to supply replacement and new batteries for consumer electronics, such as laptops, phones, and tablets. It is also developing a line for autos. Patel said the production costs are the same as existing batteries.