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Lexmark's new line of all-in-one printers

Models are affordable and aimed at consumers across the board.

Ask anyone about Lexmark printers and they would probably mention "affordable" at some point. That may be, but it doesn't necessarily mean that quality is sacrificed.

The X6575 Lexmark

In recent years, all-in-one (AIO) units are becoming more popular as they are space-saving, and price reductions have further boosted sales of this category. Probably with this in mind, Lexmark's introduced its new line of all-in-one targeted at home users, students, and small offices.

The X4650 is part of the Home and Student line of printers that Lexmark released earlier this year. It boasts Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless and network printing and, according to its Web site, the fuss-free installation process should be complete within 10 minutes. The X4650 can print, copy, scan, and output pictures directly from flash media or PictBridge.

The X6575 is targeted at professionals and business users. It also has Wi-Fi, which we think is great so everyone can print from it without the messy cables, and is fitted with an auto document feeder that can hold up to 25 pages for multiple-page copying or faxing.

The X2650 Lexmark

Another new AIO from Lexmark that has fax function is the X5495. Without Wi-Fi, it's a scaled-down version of the X6575. Compared with the professional model, the print speed is slightly slower at 25 pages per minute (ppm) for black and 18ppm for color prints.

According to its specifications, the X2650 looks like an AIO for students. Stripped of the slots for memory cards and PictBridge function, this printer houses the bare essentials of what is required for an AIO--copy and scan on top of printing, which is what a student may be using the most.

(Source: Crave Asia)