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Lexmark X2470: A smashing bargain

Last week we inadvertently killed one of its relatives, but the Lexmark X2470 all-in-one printer has returned to exact its revenge

Last week Lexmark sent us a shiny new X2470 Everyday Compact All-in-one printer, but we broke it. It wouldn't have been so bad if we'd taken a sledgehammer to it in a rockstar-inspired frenzy of destructive petulance, but it was sheer cack-handedness on our part.

Luckily, Lexmark saw the funny side and sent us a replacement X2470. We got this one working without any issues, and have concluded that it's a pretty nifty device. It looks a bit odd -- as if bits are missing from it, or Lexmark was running low on beige plastic -- but it delivers decent prints for a £60 printer/scanner.

Photos look good to the average user, and it's perfectly capable of producing 100x200mm prints that you'd be proud to frame and hang on a wall. Text prints, while nowhere near as good as those from a decent laser, were fine too, but scans looked very noisy with lots of noticeable image speckling.

Still, we can't grumble at that price. If you're a student or a proper member of society and you need a capable but cheap photo all-in-one, it's worth a look. -RR