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Lexar to continue patent fight against Toshiba

Flash memory maker says it's put Toshiba customers on notice that they are using products containing "stolen" technology.

Lexar Media said it will continue to pursue patent infringement claims against Toshiba, despite being denied an injunction to block the company from selling products based on Lexar technology.

A California court last week denied Lexar's appeal to halt Japan's Toshiba and its Toshiba America Electronic Components from selling products based on Lexar's flash memory chips.

Lexar executives said the company will continue to pursue its legal action against Toshiba.

"It should also be noted that Toshiba's customers are specifically on notice that the products they are using contain technology that has been stolen from Lexar, and we will continue to consider all potential remedies to correct that wrong," Eric Whitaker, Lexar's executive vice president and general counsel, said in a statement.

In March, Toshiba was ordered to pay Lexar $465 million in punitive damages after a California jury found Toshiba had stolen Lexar trade secrets related to a certain type of flash memory used in digital cameras.

Flash memory manufacturer SanDisk, which had been sharing trade secrets in a partnership with Toshiba, issued a statement saying it was pleased with last week's court ruling as Lexar had "no legal basis for the requested injunction."

Reuters contributed to this report.