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Lewis Black bemoans technology's hideous failures

He was promised that one day he'd have a car that folded up into a briefcase. Instead, all tech is offering is a twerking 3-D printed robot.

Is the future ragingly Black? Comedy Central screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you want to be told how it is, rather than how the hype tells you it is, it's as well to listen to the sober tones of Lewis Black.

True, he's less of an illusionist than a disillusionist.

But his despair is often one that so many feel inside, yet fear to express.

On "The Daily Show," Black bemoaned to the point of ululation technology's complete inability to keep its promises or even deliver him something useful.

Once, he explained, he was told that in Futureworld we would have cars that folded up into briefcases.

Instead, a briefcase is still a place to keep cigarettes.

And what has technology actually given us? Why, extreme breakthroughs such as the 3-D printed twerking robot.

Then there's Amazon drones. Black foresees blood and gore as the only results of aerially delivered waffle-makers.

Black never believed he would live this long. So he pleaded with technological geniuses: "Give me something worth waiting for."

What technology has given him is a robotic Paul Blart.

There is one small technological development that Black hopes he lives long enough to see -- and, more importantly experience. Can you imagine what that might be?

I'll leave you to watch the video to see if you guessed correctly.