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Levitating globe for aspiring archvillains (and corporate whores)

Calling Dr. Evil...or Kenny Lay...

Dazzle Concepts

If you're the kind of person who doesn't mind looking like a huge dork, then maybe you'd be down for this little levitating globe for your office desk. It's perfect for the Dr. Evil wannabe, or maybe the Kenneth Lay wannabe. Keep in mind that unless you have a massive desk (maybe even one shaped like a Mini Cooper), a sexy secretary (of either gender) and a fabulous cityscape outside your 40th-floor window, this desk decoration will just make you look stupid. In other words, Dunder-Mifflin employees need not apply.

Anyhoo, this little desktop gizmo works with a computerized sensor for its electromagnet, which means that when your buddies show up and disrupt the magnetic field, the globe won't fall out of place. 'Cuz it's rule it.

(Via Uncrate)