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Lettuce show you hot guys eating salad on Instagram

An Instagram campaign gives salads a glamorous male-model makeover by combining attractive guys and alluring lettuce.

Here's a guy eating a salad.Jesse DeYoung

Eyes up here, ladies. I know you're looking at that hot guy's salad with its delectable mix of microgreens and organic avocado slices, but please try to focus on the man in the photo. Don't be distracted by the bright red cherry tomatoes, crunchy Parmesan-crusted croutons and balsamic vinaigrette. These are real guys with real feelings and they deserve some attention, too.

Women's Health Magazine is behind a push to popularize #HotGuysEatingSalad on Instagram. The highlight of the campaign is a series of images from photographer Jesse DeYoung showing a variety of male models staring moodily off into the distance or flashing their eyes at the camera while contemplating the mysteries of life over a bowl of salad.

There may be a message here. Perhaps we should all be enticed to eat more veggies by the sultry good looks of these mixed-greens enthusiasts. Perhaps it's just an excuse to spread photos of attractive men. Women's Health is encouraging its readers to share their own photos of alluring dudes posing with Waldorfs, Caesars and their kin.

The response to #HotGuysEatingSalad has been varied. "I'll eat that salad off his beard," writes Instagram user tam_bammm, clearly a fan of the photos. Not everyone is so enthusiastic. Instagram user rofama writes "Down with #objectification up with #empowerment."

This isn't the first time lettuce-based foods have made a social-media splash. There's a hit Tumblr blog devoted to stock photos of happy women smiling while munching on vegetables. It's called Women Who Eat Salad Alone While Laughing. The salad-loving fellas of Instagram seem to prefer sultry expressions rather than looks of euphoria, but anything that gets people to eat their greens is a positive.

Bearded salad guy is popular on Instagram.Jesse DeYoung

(Via Design Taxi)